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Monica Bellucci without underwear in the new edition


One of the most beautiful models in the world, the Italian Monica Anna Maria Bellucci looks fantastic for her age.

She started her career as a fashion model, modeling for the biggest brands Dolce & Gabbana and Dior, and then her beauty was noticed by many directors, so she started working in films. Monica Bellucci started modeling at the age of 13 and worked with local photographers from Perugia, then moved to Milan where her career and popularity were huge. Milan is still considered the city of fashion and it all starts from there.

One of the successes that we would single out, and there are many of them, is the year 2012, when Monica Bellucci became the new face of Dolce & Gabbana.

She celebrated her 58th birthday a few months ago, on September 30th to be exact. Just a few days before her birthday, she published her beautiful moments from the Lumière 2022 film festival on her Instagram profile.

Прикажи ову објаву у апликацији Instagram

Објава коју дели Monica Bellucci (@monicabellucciofficiel)

In her last post that she shared with her followers, you have the opportunity to see Monica Bellucci in a new edition. 

The glitter hid Monicas nipples and the perfect makeup for this photo shoot: elegant, seductive, vamp - a darker flesh-toned lipstick and bronze shades on the lids.

Прикажи ову објаву у апликацији Instagram

Објава коју дели Monica Bellucci (@monicabellucciofficiel)

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From Nives u 12.01.2023 06:12:47 h
Monica looks beautiful, it s nice that she keeps things simple.

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