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Get the inside scoop on Tina Kunakys looks from the Paco Rabanne fashion show!


She was one of the ladies who attracted the most attention at the Paco Rabanne fashion show. Everything started from her arrival.

Tina Kunaky is a model of Japanese descent who was born in Los Angeles, California. She has appeared in print and digital campaigns for Forever 21, Sephora, and Adidas. In addition to modeling, Kunaki has also done some acting, appearing in short films and web series. Kunaki is represented by Wilhelmina International.

Kunaky offered us a very chic and charming solution for a rainy day; she wore a striking transparent raincoat decorated with silver threads, which is resistant to even the heaviest downpour, and yet does not spoil or hide our fashion edition.

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Next, Kunaky worked with Sephora on a digital campaign. This was her first foray into the world of beauty, and she quickly became a favorite among Sephora fans. She has since appeared in several more campaigns for the brand.

Adidas was the next brand to work with Kunaki. She appeared in a digital campaign for the sportswear giant, which helped to raise her profile even further.

In addition to her work in traditional advertising campaigns, Kunaky has also done some acting. She has appeared in short films and web series, showing off her range as an actress. Most recently, she starred in a short film called "The Call," which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.

With her career continuing to skyrocket, theres no telling what Kunaky will do next. She has already achieved so much at such a young age and shows no signs of slowing down. It seems to be the only way for this talented young model. With her beauty, grace and confidence, Kunaki will surely conquer the world of fashion in the years to come.

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