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The problems of book lovers and where reading can take you

Book Lovers

Your mood is directly determined by the mood of the book you are reading, but before you start reading there is an even bigger problem.

Book lovers and avid readers is one of the best things a person can be. Not only does reading literary works stimulate your brain activity (scientifically proven!), it allows you to get to know long cultures, some situations.

komal_reads Komal Kamble | Book Reviewer

Common problems stopping you from achieving your highest potential are,

✓ Procrastination
✓ Overthinking
✓ Negative self talk

Herere 3 best book solutions to get rid of these problems. Dont just read, but implement and practice those results in real life. Reading will take you farther but action with take you miles.

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____adilibnsaquib____ Adil Ibn Saquib

I only have read one book and thats Quran and thats enough for a human but i really appreciate your recommendation Ill make sure to check it

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