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Maybe this is the right book for you? Meet Laura Esquivel

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In her novel Like Water for Chocolate released in 1989, Esquivel uses magical realism to combine the ordinary and the supernatural

Laura Beatriz Esquivel is a Mexican novelist, screenwriter and politician born in Mexico. Her first novel Like Water for Chocolate became a bestseller in Mexico and the United States.


Like water for chocolate, Laura Esquivel 🕯❤️‍🔥🌶

Ever since this book was released, every time I saw it or heard the title, I would go back to some part of my childhood, now far away, in the nineties. During that period, a film based on this story was broadcast. I remembered certain films from the repertoire of 3 dinars in the union home (Sunka, Sunka, Zvezdana kapija, Vezi me, Vrelina, Umri muski...), restrictions on electricity and writing homework under a saint, the diaries I wrote during that period, the lines before shops…

Im not sure if I saw the movie of the same name in the cinema or at home, but the title remained very clear to me, the tears of the main character, the terrible mother Elena, Gertrude running away naked on a horse with the man of her life, the forbidden love of the main characters, just like myself the end of the movie.

Somehow it happened that I read this particular book for the holidays. I enjoyed. If you like Latin American culture, cuisine, as well as a good love story with extremely colorful characters, I highly recommend it. Magical, somewhat surreal and fairytale-like, full of taste, passion, but also unfulfilled desires and love.

Do you listen to your "inner voice"? Or do you ignore it? Are you following your desires and heart? The heroes of this book show us the extreme of neglecting our desires💔

Finally, I have two questions for those of you who have read the book or seen the movie:
- did you like the character of Tita?
-which character is your favorite?

Well seasoned and wonderful, with the taste of first and true love, ¡Disfrutalo!

What does the author of the novel do today? Meet Laura Esquivel

chocolate.esquivel Laura Esquivel

A few weeks ago I began to organize here in Brasilia, the Cultural Program “Hermanando Fogones”. The first Embassy we plan to start with is Peru. Marisol Solís, the Peruvian chef, who runs this wonderful kitchen, gave me these Huacatay leaves along with some seeds of the same plant that I immediately planted in my garden. With them the Chupe de Camarón is cooked. Fortunately, this type of twinning continues its course since it happens beyond any conflict, beyond time and distance...

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