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For book lovers, we recommend the author Holly Jackson

Book Lovers

If you like Mystery and Young adult fiction, maybe this book is for you. Author Holly Jackson did her best to keep our attention.

Holly Jackson is a British author of young adult novels and wrote her first novel when she was 15 years old. She is best known for her Good Girls Guide to Murder series.

In 2019, author Holly Jackson wrote in her Instagram post where the action takes place...

hojay92 Holly Jackson

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder comes out 3 weeks today!!! And if there’s one thing this book can teach you - it’s that baaaaaad things happen in the woods..

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threenareads tina𑁤˚。⋆

a good girl’s guide to murder 5/5★ (CW : murder, disordered eating, drug abuse, death threats, racism, bullying, underage drinking)

*minor spoilers* a good girl’s guide to murder is a story about pippa fitz-amobi, a girl who chooses a murder case for the topic of her final year project. in her project, pippa has to go back to the event that happened 5 years ago: andie bell, a highschool student, was killed by sal singh, her boyfriend. hovewer, pippa isn’t sure that it was really sal singh who killed her. while investigating the case, pippa, with the help of ravi singh, uncover the secrets that someone in their small town has held until now. will pippa find out the truth before the killer can stop her?

i stayed up until 3am to finish this book because i was immensely invested and now i seriously can’t stop thinking about it. holly jackson’s writing style made the story very authentic, captivating… it felt like i was literally with pip and ravi while they were investigating. from the first page, this book caught my attention and it continued to do so without making me feel bored.

this book was a damn rollercoaster. every time i thought i got it figured out, i was always proven wrong and the book took another turn and i always ended up being surprised. it will leave you on the edge of your seat with the question “what’s next????” constantly on your mind. and that plot twist?!?! like huh?!?!? i really like that it kept me guessing and gave me the persistent thrilling sense throughout the whole book.

another thing to love about this book is the characters!! pippa is who i aspire to be. she’s a diligent student who is detail oriented and punctilious. she’s definitely a great role model and i am just in love with her. now, ravi… he is just so lovely. he is a kindhearted and patient man who helped pippa throughout her investigation.

everytime they simply communicate with each other, i was blushing and giggling because they are just so adorable. every side character played their part well, they were kept interesting without being too overboard or dull. this book in conclusion, this book was a phenomenal read to me and i hope it can be yours too <3

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